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Why is my Cocowhite solid/hard in texture?
Because there are no chemicals or stabilisers in our products the product will react to the temperature it is in. Ideally it's best to use when it's more oily/liquidy however if it feels a bit hard just warm it up in your hand for a few minutes before using it.

Can I use Cocowhite if I have braces/veneers/caps/crowns etc.?
Yes you can! It still has the great benefits that it can offer to everyone!

Can I sell Cocowhite wholesale in my salon/store etc.?
Yes you can. Please contact us at for more information.

Can I use Cocowhite if I'm pregnant?
We've had quite a few customers that are pregnant/breastfeeding whilst using Cocowhite. It contains 100% natural coconut oil with some natural flavourings to make it taste yummy. Coconut oil is actually known as a superfood for pregnancy!

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