Cocowhite 2.0

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Cocowhite 2.0
Cocowhite 2.0 Cocowhite 2.0 Cocowhite 2.0 Cocowhite 2.0 Cocowhite 2.0

14 sachets of Cocowhite 2.0

Cocowhite 2.0 is our new formulation. Completely natural, designed to improve your smile & oral health.

Coconut oil works alongside sodium bicarbonate & menthol oils to leave your teeth and mouth feeling brand new.

✔ 14 handy, ready to use sachets – use once daily.

✔ All natural alternative to peroxide whitening strips & trays

✔ Brace friendly

✔ Safe for pregnant women


Cocowhite 2.0 is the new and revitalised Cocowhite formulation. Providing all the same oral health benefits of oil pulling with coconut oil, Cocowhite 2.0 now includes sodium bicarbonate and essential peppermint and menthol oils for advanced whitening and fresher breath.

In Cocowhite 2.0 we have added natural essential peppermint and menthol oils. Studies have shown that peppermint and menthol oil can combat bad breath and leave your mouth feeling fresh and clean. The added action of sodium bicarbonate helps to neutralise the bacterial acids that are often the cause of bad breath.



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